I'm currently working on a client for www.exchangenetwork.net using the Axis SOAP API

I'm working on a java web start client for the SC DHEC Node implementation. I'm using standard Network Node services to implement other advanced features. The only major issue I seem to be having right now is with response and request progresss watching/monitoring.

I want to be able to display to the user how much of the percentage of a file upload or download has occurred. The Axis SOAP API and server I'm currently using doesn't have a mechanism for this. I'm some how going to have to plug-in this feature. I'm currently trying to decide on the best way to handle this. I have some options none of which are going to be very fast, so I think this may be a feature I'm just going to have to leave for the end. Now if I can figure out how to make Axis cancel in the middle of a request/response.

I love programming.


I bought a new digital camera

I finally broke down and bought a moderately nice digital camera. I've been wanting to get one for some time, yet I just had not ever done it. So, I'll post some nice pictures as I take them. I'm not exactly sure how this relates to programming and engineering.


Current status

I'm currently working for Decision Dynamics, Inc.

Main projects which I'm involved

  • Disease Management Coordination Network or DMCN More Info

  • Exchange Network Node for South Carolina More Info: I'm the sole developer and implementer of this project. I created an API and implemented the Bean Shell to allow more dynamic data flows.

DDI is based in Lexington, SC. I have the privilege of working remotely from my home town Knoxville, TN.

Previously I was employed by Red-e Set Grow, LLC in Winston Salem, NC.

Child assessment projects I had the privilege of developing

  • Learning Accomplishment Profile (all LAP products) More Info

  • LAP Palm/Handheld Applications More Info...see handheld LAP products

  • Battelle Developmental Inventory, 2nd Edition (BDI-2) for Riverside Publishing (Palm version as well) More Info

  • HighReach Learning Progress Reporting & Evaluation Program (HRL-PREP) More Info

  • Child Observation Record (COR) More info...see all COR products

  • Developing Skills Checklist (DSC) for CTB/Mcgraw-Hill. Web based reporting and Palm child assessment software More Info or here for Red-e Set Grow, LLC product information

Red-e Set Grow has direct and indirect customers across the United States.