What happened to Chris Cornell??? Scream? I did.

OK, not so much about programming, but if you are like me you find yourself jamming along to something while you work. Today, I was clicking through my Napster account and saw a new album from Chris Cornell. It is called Scream. I had been wondering when we would see something else from him.

I am a big Cornell fan, so it was a complete and utter shock to me this album was produced by Timberland; funny, I didn't actually know that until reading about it later, but thought it sounded similar. I completely hated it. I missed the guitar, chords, drums, and in it all I missed Chris Cornell.

I get the desire to put a different spin on things you do, but not only did I not like it, it had nothing to do with the genre. I must admit pop isn't near the top for me; I would put most pop below most classical, and below the bluegrass that I don't like. There is a lot of classical I like, but a lot I do not, and the bluegrass I don't like, is pretty bad; I go for more rock I believe just not too hard, but definitely a lot music from different genres that I love except for rap.

So, when I say this, you have some context, I would put this entire album at the bottom of the pop genre, and right above rap, and I don't listen to rap, but if I had to pick listening to Scream again I would maybe listen to some rap. I couldn't think nor program to this music, and quite possibly could not walk, chew gum, and listen to it at the same time; it is that annoying.

I sure hope Chris finds his way back. The reviews of this thing hopefully are the kind he can. I can't imagine many of his real fans liking it, but I can't imagine them not giving him another chance. Surely we can all agree to chalk this one up to humorous trial and error no matter how painful it was.

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