New Netbeans Module for copying and pasting text formats to and from Java source code

I created this module when I finally became tired of having to un-format large SQL queries I did not have a copy of any where other than Java source code. I ran into this large query from the past which used many many joins from this huge database. I was hours into trying to figure out what I had missed in the un-format process because Oracle's error message was more confusing than looking at the SQL. I finally decided it would be easier to write a Netbeans modules to just copy the formatted Java source code SQL String and paste it as un-formatted SQL into TOAD my SQL tool. After an evening of hacking at the module I have something which works great. It also does the reverse operation. I have been using it for a month now and it works great. I submitted it to the Netbeans contrib site hoping it might help someone else. I'll upload it the new Netbeans Plug-in Portal site when it goes live. Look for http://plugins.netbeans.org/ to go live soon.

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Wade Chandler said...

I meant to add a comment before. The NetBeans plugin portal is live, and my plugin is available there for download.