Adding "Run Focused Test Method" and "Debug Focused Test Method" to NetBeans Groovy Support

If you are a NetBeans and Groovy fan, then you have probably noticed over the years you can not execute nor debug an individual test method if using Groovy for testing. I have contributed to other parts of the IDE at various times, but hadn't looked into the Groovy support until recently. I finally had enough executing all tests in a file.

The code isn't necessarily difficult. For what I am adding it is slightly complicated due to NetBeans Groovy support module dependencies, and some things needing to be broken out a little differently. For now I am using reflection to access what I need, and that will work fine enough in the near term. Long term I plan to work with other community contributors to clean things up.

Another thing which makes coding this interesting is a mismatch between NetBeans notion of an offset into a source file and the Groovy ASTs notion of it. NetBeans uses a cursor or single integer value offset, and Groovy uses the notion of a line and column. So, some translation and AST traversal is needed to pinpoint the selected method. Standard editor things, but of note for this fix.

Too, the previous code halfway attempted to do this, but it seems some copy and paste happened between the Java and Groovy support as that code was using Java specific features which will not exactly work as Java is a subset of Groovy. The Groovy AST classes along with a little translation fixed it right up.

The changes should make their way into the code base soon. I have things working locally. I am now cleaning things up. I figure I will tackle other items which bother me about NetBeans Groovy support now that I am getting into it.

I will update once merged in, so check back.

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