I'm currently working on a client for www.exchangenetwork.net using the Axis SOAP API

I'm working on a java web start client for the SC DHEC Node implementation. I'm using standard Network Node services to implement other advanced features. The only major issue I seem to be having right now is with response and request progresss watching/monitoring.

I want to be able to display to the user how much of the percentage of a file upload or download has occurred. The Axis SOAP API and server I'm currently using doesn't have a mechanism for this. I'm some how going to have to plug-in this feature. I'm currently trying to decide on the best way to handle this. I have some options none of which are going to be very fast, so I think this may be a feature I'm just going to have to leave for the end. Now if I can figure out how to make Axis cancel in the middle of a request/response.

I love programming.

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