Eclipse 3.3 Europa SPAM, regular emails, and magazine articles related to simultaneous project releases

Not wanting to start a flame war, but I want to talk about this. I have been getting "alot" of SPAM from places like bzmedia and ZD (Ziff-Davis) about Eclipse 3.3 Europa. I have also been getting emails from my magazine subscriptions such as eWeek and SD Times. I have also seen articles in my different magazines about it.

The main talking point in the articles and emails I'm referring focuses on the simultaneous release of 21 projects in the Eclipse IDE. These are the core Eclipse projects, so I'm not talking about 3rd party projects. This means the plug-ins/projects will all run with Eclipse 3.3, so you don't have plug-in Z supported in 3.3 yet X and Y are only supported up to 3.2.

It is no secret I'm a member of the NetBeans community. I certainly don't try to hide the fact. Anyways, NetBeans has been doing this for years. JSP, Web, EE, Swing UI, Mobile developer, NetBeans RCP, etc have always been released together and work in the current version of the IDE. I think it is good that Eclipse is doing this now, but I also think the apparent amount of resources going into highlighting this fact, promoting it, and that it took this long for it to happen is funny.

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