I have updated my "Java Text Copy Paste Module/Plugin"

The Java Text Copy Paste Module/Plugin now works in NetBeans 6.0. I tested it and am using it in 6.0. The module helps copy and paste text from and to Java source code. This module works well with SQL or HTML or XML which needs to be embedded in Java source code or needs to be extracted from Java source code. Look for the "Java Text Copy and Paste" context menu inside Java source files. There are no default hot keys for the functionality. I suggest playing around with the different actions to get a feel for how they work. + signs are pre-pended at the beginning of lines of source to make hand editing of generated code easier.

This module allows source code to be selected then formatted back into the text format it was before converted into Java source. It also allows one to select XML, HTML, or SQL in their favorite tool (as text) and then paste into the NetBeans Java editor where it is automatically formatted as Java source code. I find I use it all the time and comes in very handy.

Version 1.1 added a new way to copy the text from the editor which keeps newlines in the selected text yet removes any newlines fromJ the actual Java sources.

Version 1.2 adds tested support for NetBeans 6.0 and corrects a bug which deals with concurrent access of the edited document. The bug has not shown any issues yet, but possibly could as concurrent access could have unknown results.

Version 1.3 fixes an issue dealing with the context menu sorting and NetBeans 6.0.


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